Monday, December 16, 2013

In Which I Make Not One, but TWO Double-Entendres for the Word, "Wood."

Another week begins!  What say we check in on Green Lantern in ish #27?:

I swear, it's like his head is a magnet for wood.

Heh... "magnet for wood."

Anyway, check out this ad for an upcoming title:

I vow that no matter what.... somehow, I am going to find every issue of this title and read it.  You had me at Senor Banana and insured I would never leave you with that guy "Slappy."

That's Steel Sterling and the original Web holding up Senor Banana, if you were wondering.

And check out this guy:

Wow... not to be confused with cartoon icon Woody Woodpecker.  And here's a fun fact: Zip Comics didn't show up until after Woody Woodpecker (the awesome one) had already appeared in cartoons and comics... by a couple of years or so.  So this short-lived Woody should have actually been called "Woody the Trademark Violatin' Woodpecker."

Heh.  "Short-lived woody."

See you tomorrow!


Gummboote said...

Golden Age Green Lantern, the superhero who's defeated if you throw a chair at him.

Aaron Carine said...

On the second season of The Big Bang Theory, Raj said you could defeat both Golden Age Green Lantern and modern Green Lantern with a number 2 pencil--it's yellow and it's wood.

Patrick McEvoy said...

I remember a panel somewhere in time (maybe from Crisis on Infinite Earths?) where Green Arrow pulled out a yellow, wooden arrow to prove to the two Lanterns how easily they could be beaten. Of course the question remains: just why was he carrying that around, anyhow?

Gene Phillips said...

FWIW, it seems that aside from the two superheroes only WILBUR and GINGER had any staying power, as they both got their own title features.

I've read a few stories for both; pretty mediocre, but GINGER has cool art by later ARCHIE artist Harry Lucey.

Buzz said...

Those two grown men with muscular physiques and sprayed on clothing look a bit ... odd ... in that company.

Especially given the fact that they are holding a giant banana that some dude is popping up out of.

MarvelX42 said...

Who is the guy with the Yellow and Green costume and the web-like cape?

Adam Barnett said...

The original Web! And the other hero-looking fella is Steel Sterling!

MarvelX42 said...

I read the wiki article about the revamped Web character. He doesn't sound very interesting.

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, Impact! Comics back in the 90's had the Web as an organization, and not just one guy. I don't recall reading many (if any) issues of that title.