Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knowin' an American Flag when We See One Wednesday!

Dear DC Comics,

I just finished reading Final Crisis. Please stop.

Love, adam


Let's wash the sour taste of the major summer crossover events of 2008 with a look at World's Finest v1 #26, shall we?:

.... and Superman's plans to have lunch at Hooters abruptly changed.

As a public school student, Joey was subsequently placed in a "gifted and talented" program.

We don't have conclusive proof Speedy was doing drugs before the sixties. I say, no conclusive proof...

What's even more impressive than Green Arrow's accuracy is the way he got them all to line up like that.

I'm not sure what a "snatch job" is, but I'd pull him out of the fire to satisfy my curiosity.

And I'm going to start looking at comic strips as well. Check out these panels from a 1952 Sunday Peanuts strip:

Snoopy envisions himself on the electric chair. A little light reading for the kids on Sunday! Yikes!

See you tomorrow!


D.B. Echo said...

Ummmm, I'll bite. What flag is that?

I loved 1950's Snoopy. So much more innocent and dog-like.

Perhaps Speedy is suggesting they pee down the staircase onto the heads of the bad guys.

D.B. Echo said...

Ah. Got it. A simple Google search for "flag blue white red sun" turned it up.

Elie said...

I tried that same google search but didn't turn up anything looking like the picture. So don't keep us in suspense!

Elie said...

OK, found it: The Philippines!

So *why* did that make those boys all gaga???

Adam Barnett said...

Because Jughead there didn't like the guy from the Philippines breathin' his American air, of course. And Johnny Everyman was straightening them out, as only Johnny Everyman can!

Anonymous said...

Well, to me, it looks like Superman actually just finished snorted a kilo with those supersensitive nostrils of his. I mean really, just look at his eyes.

Anonymous said...

Umm..can someone tell what exactly Speedy is doing in the panel where he says "I did it, GA! I did it."?

It looks to me like he got the guy to carry him over his shoulder...


Anonymous said...

Adam, any comics afficianado worth his salt knows that "Peanuts" was never intended to be "light reading" for the kids. Schulz always brought a bit of a mature and dark sensibility to the work.

SallyP said...

The look of horror on Superman's face when he realizes that Lois is right behind him, speaks volumns.

Anonymous said...

"Shulz always brought a bit of a mature and dark Republican appreciation for the death penalty by agonizing electrocution to his work.."

Anonymous said...

"Gosh, G.A., now we can play fireman and I can slide down your pole."
"EEWWW. Who do you think I am, Batman?"