Monday, February 23, 2009

Comic Funhouse Monday!

Hey, kids! Comics!

Check out the caption box:

I had a joke about this being a Cosmopolitan article, but then I remembered Nephew Sam reads the blog every so often and I still want to be invited to family functions.

Hey, let's get popular!

Yeah, nothing says popularity like a guy speaking French while he practices his judo moves on you. Zut, alors! You cry like ze enfant, missour!

A little Peanuts weirdness from 1952:

And another installment of Charlie Brown, Sexual Harassment Victim:

Yes, it's a weird post today. Some days are just like that.

See you tomorrow!


Michelle said...

A "How to Swim" book for fifty cents?
That is too funny~

De said...

Boogie Woogie is easy!

Anonymous said...

Does Nephew Sam read the comments? Because BASTARD!

Plasma22 said...

Simply respecting your work and thinking about how you dealt with this site so well. มังงะ