Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Can I Kiss Her when My Face is Made of Rubber Wednesday!

More Golden Age goodies from All-Select Comics #3!

Sure, we know the issue had Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner, but, hey! It's a Golden Age appearance of the unfortunately-named Whizzer!:

I put the splash panel in because he looked even more ridiculous back then. Nice headgear. He made the Golden-Age Flash look like James Bond.

One thing you shouldn't do when you have a name like "The Whizzer"?:

Never refer to yourself in the third person, especially if you are making your name sound even more like slang for "penis" than it usually does.

I don't know why "lick" was ever slang for "beat up." It sounds like you gave... ahem, certain favors to the guy.

And a lovely bit of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue(tm!)

In this day and age, you actually might be more popular with the ladies if your face were made of rubber, but Hank McCoy was ahead of his time. Thanks, Amazing Adventures #12!

And yes, the rest of that dialogue can sound dirty, dirty, dirty if your head is in the right place.

See you tomorrow!


Thomas Fummo said...
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Thomas Fummo said...

Forget the Rocketeer... The Whizzer really DOES look like a hood ornament.

and the rubber face line is nothing short fo stupendous.
Even though the girl's face looks more like rubber than his...

Dave said...

How do we know "Big Butch" was a guy? Sounds like she went to town with Jimmy -- if you know what I mean.

SallyP said...

Jay Garrick IS James Bond! And unfortunately, I can't even read the Whizzer's name without sniggering uncontrollably.

Anonymous said...

SallyP, I heard you have an enchanting snigger.

The Whizzer sounds like he uses the power of golden showers to defeat his opponents.

That Ju Jitsu class sounds kind of worthless. If I had to guess I'd say Jimmy lost...