Monday, January 8, 2007

I Am Woman, pt. 5

You'd think it would be the "This is man talk!" line that got my attention, but no. It's Betty's notion that "famous" equals "competent." George W. Bush is arguably the most famous guy on the planet, but I haven't heard anyone accusing him of knowing what he's doing for years.

I'm also a sucker for any exchange that includes "Hrrrrmph!"


SallyP said...

See Daddy? He has glasses! He MUST be a genius!

De said...

You know, if my wife were to loudly exclaim, "This is woman talk!" while talking to one of her gal pals, I'd be totally cool with that. I could go on my merry way secure in the knowledge that I've been spared a conversation that would lead me to a bullet in the mouth.