Monday, January 29, 2007

Reed Richards, Hopeless Romantic

I'm not Cassanova, but I see two things wrong with that picture: (1) Getting flowers from a vase and giving it to someone who lives there with you doesn't exactly say "You've been on my mind" and (2) Giving anything to someone from 50 feet away doesn't scream "romance," either. He might as well have thrown the bouquet at the back of her head.


SallyP said...

Oh for pete's sake, Reed. Do you have to tell her where you got the damn flowers? Why not just mention that you stopped by and robbed the cemetary while you're at it! That's SOOOOOO romantic.

I'm beginning to realize why Sue left...and it wasn't anything to do with registration.

Anonymous said...

It's all your fault, Sue! You should have fallen in love with Ben, not Reed. You only have yourself to blame for how Reed treats you!