Monday, January 8, 2007

Stan Lee, Proud American

I love how the Soviets couldn't come up with anything in Stan Lee's world that wasn't copied from American technology. Apparently, if it weren't for the work of Soviet spies, they'd all be standing around Siberia sipping borscht.

There's really nothing funny about this except the obvious symbolism of a formerly oppressed Soviet giving the back-talk to a poster of Kruschev. I don't know how gutsy that really is (talking to Kruschev himself that way would have been worth reading, to be sure), but I'm sure it let Stan feel like he was endearing himself to the Comics Code Authority.

I, myself, prefer the "retconned" version:

See, now it symbolizes Congress becoming a Democratic majority. Much more topical, don't you think?


SallyP said...

Yes, poor Stan did go through this odd...stage in his life,what with the Commies and all. He also wrote the most pathetic women in comics. Fortunately, he seems to have grown beyond all of that. I hope.

De said...
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