Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This cover would lead you to believe that Sue goes down in battle. Psyche!

As you can see, Sue gets taken hostage again. You'd think I'd quit complaining about it, but until I see Sue actually stand her ground and fight someone, I'm going to fuss. When we don't speak up, comic books suck, terrorists win, and Rachael Ray ends up with her own talk show.

My big grievance is that Sue doesn't have to have her hands free to use those force fields. If she had any fight in her at all, she would have scooped up the Trapster and Medusa and tossed them out the window. But no, she goes limp like a baby sparrow. What a strong female role model she is.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks! This is my absolute favorite FF scene of the past 49 years, when the Frightful Four abduct beautiful Susan Storm!