Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Post About (Dramatic Pause)....Diablo!

Stan Lee was big on dramatic pauses, and I could use up NASA's bandwidth showing examples of how many times we see "I will have..... a large order of tater tots!" Every time I see it, William Shatner's voice takes over the inner dailogue in my head. We start with Wolfgang, there, who may have been conditioned by his surroundings to speak of Diablo (I'm sorry - to speak of .... DIABLO!) in such a way, so we'll cut him some slack.

Now we see..... DIABLO! speaking of himself in that same way (perhaps he taught Wolfgang).

This is how stupid slang takes off, like calling each other "Dawg." One person does it, then we're all doing it. Even Ben Grimm can't help himself from acknowledging the dramatic pause-worthiness of.... DIABLO!!!!

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SallyP said...

My God! I...write like that!