Monday, October 12, 2015

Superman Fights a Girl... and Loses, Which Always Makes for Good Reading.

Well, I managed to dig myself out from my work pile.  Before it piles up again, let's take a look at more Superman Comics, starting with ish #177!

Hmmmm.... I realize Superman doesn't have Batman's detective skills, but it could be that aliens mean to doom the earth using a weird ray (Random Ray Usage! (tm!)) to turn everyone into protoplasm.  I'm just connecting the dots here.

Or, you know... people might just think you're twins.  We do have those here.

What?  Will Superman meet his death by snu-snu?  Nah.  But this story gave us some great moments:

Yeah, I could watch that all day.  And then...

Oh, wait.  That's a Trix ad.  I may have overshot my reading.  Sorry about that.

See you tomorrow!

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tike mik said...

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