Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Superman's Job Hunt

Superman #182 had some awesomeness provided by contributor Robert Gillis and it was just so incredible that I couldn't wait to run what he sent.  But now, I've had a chance to read the ish for myself and.... well, there was more:

Yes, Superman was indeed looking for a new secret identity.  I'm not sure a fake mustache was a big improvement, disguise-wise, from the glasses he wore as Clark Kent, but there it is:

As soon as Supes took the job, I couldn't help but think of how much more problematic it would be for him to sneak away and do heroic things.  A reporter is in the field all the time, but being a butler kind of requires that you hang around the house most of the time.

But then again, it never occurred to me to simply get everyone in the house wildly drunk:

Yeah, I don't know how many times you could pull that off.

And when that pooped out, he became a famous disk jockey and saw some awesome musical acts like....

The Mutations!

The Picadilly Jailhouse Trio!

The Super-Cool Cat!

Yeah, I know.  It sounds horrible.  He was back to reporting by the end of the issue.

See you tomorrow!

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