Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In Which a Casual Sound Effect Results in Me Complaining About the Movie Career of Shaq

What do you see on this cover?  You know it!  Say it with me!

It's Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

But before we get to that sure-to-be-a-classic, I went through two other stories.  The first had these guys.  Guess what they called themselves?

Yes.  They were known as The Long Hair Gang.

I am not making that up.  Off to the Character Hall of Shame (tm!) with them!

Time for another episode of Lois Lane: Jerk. (tm!)

This has been another episode of Lois Lane: Jerk. (tm!)

Finally, we get to the Random Ray Usage (tm!), which not only thins the masthead at the old Daily Planet, but takes out an alien named Knarff.

Again, not joking.  But how about that sound effect?


Yes.  That happened. And we let it happen.

We also let this happen:

Yes.  That was Shaq as the title character in the movie version of Steel, which made Kazaam look like Citizen Kane.

Anyway.  Ready for the plot twist?

It was all a dream.... or WAS it? (tm!)

Yeah, it was all a dream.

Robert Gillis found a bit of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) that I had missed from the School for Assassins story I covered the other day:

Well, if you fail oral, you're probably gonna take it out an android if one is nearby.  Nobody wants to fail oral.

That was totally Robert Gillis's fault.

See you tomorrow!

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