Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boy Meets Girl Comics... Superman Style!

Superman #175 is yet another imaginary story, because it's hard coming up with things for Superman to deal with unless you can just go totally off the rails on a semi-regular basis.  It was actually something of a romance, and we loves ourselves some romance comics here at CMNS!

I can understand Pete's disgust here.  It reminded me of when I was in undergrad and there was a girl who was literally saving herself for Tom Cruise.  This girl had no connections or any kind of prayer that she would ever meet, let alone date Tom Cruise, but she wasn't interested in any of us because we weren't Tom Cruise.  It was actually a good thing that she was this way, because you don't want to date someone who secretly thinks it's only a matter of time before Tom Cruise shows up at her door.

Anyway... let the romance continue:

Actually, Lana, it's only "ironic" in the Alanis Morisette sense of the word.  Which is to say, it isn't ironic at all.  It may be many things, but just like ray-ay-ayn on your wedding day, this situation most certainly is not ironic in the slight....

... well, you don't have to take it that hard.  There is an entire generation of people who were adolescents in the early 90's who still get that wrong.

Moving on...

Yeah, nothing lays the foundation for a successful marriage like "I might as well."  It's your lucky day, Pete Ross!

Green was certainly a popular color back then, wasn't it?

Oh, I'm sorry.  I got distracted there.  Dastardly form, Pete Ross!

I think Pete Ross just took out Lois Lane with a hair dryer.  That's either really impressive for Pete Ross or really sad for Lois Lane.

You know who could really do some damage with a hair dryer?  Bullseye:

That was the classic Daredevil #160.  I highly recommend the issues from that era.


Waitasec... I may have mixed up some panels there.

Eh, it's an imaginary story, so who cares?  Back to the drama! 

Yeah, the less you know about all this, the happier you'll be.

Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

Whoa!  That was Death by Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

I hear that happens with satellite tv reception when it rains.

Friendship by Death by Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

Whoops!  I don't think that last panel was supposed to be there.  Hold on!

THERE we go!  Love always ends in tears, my friends.


Cflmaior said...

It doesn't really look as a hair-dryer in panel # 11: those two threads springing from its barrel seem to indicate a 1965 version of the Taser. And, judging from the expression on Lois' face (reminds one of Bernini's sculpture Ecstasy of Saint Teresa in the Vatican), it had some interesting neurological side-effects too.

Green Luthor said...

A soundproof room with an openable window? I'm thinking Pete wasn't the diabolical genius he thought he was...?