Monday, October 26, 2015

In Which Superman Just Gives Up and Takes His Own Powers Away

So, I'm reading Superman #201 and you'd think, what with this being the 201st issue, that this would be a start of a whole new era for the title.

You'd think.

Yes, Clark is cutting out the middleman and just putting himself in a situation where he has no powers.

But, to be fair, he first fights a giant forearm:

Okay, that's pretty awesome, but I'd think the creature would take a lot of eye injuries, considering the location and whatnot.

Anyway, Clark leaves Earth because of guilt over this:

Well, to be fair, the guy would have been a goner if he had stuck around because we all know that no one learns Superman's secret and lives.  The guy might not have been crushed a boulder, but he certainly would have fallen off something.  Something tall.

This was mildly interesting.  And by "mildly interesting," I mean "complete and utter shenanigans:"

So, Superman has lost his "super brain," but he's still able to create a fully functioning robot that borders on sentience.  Hmmph.

But the rest of the story is pretty consistent with what we expect to see in what is all-too-common plot device in Superman Comics:

Kromn would probably just say, "You mean I beat up Superman who didn't have his powers.  Wow, that puts me at a physical prowess level of Lex Luthor."


You know, I did miss that issue and I've got to say that there have been times things didn't go just swimmingly for me.  I'm starting to see the connection.

See you tomorrow!

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