Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Short Sad Super-Saga of Q-Energy

Superman #204 not only had pretty good artwork, but it had an idea that someone probably thought was a good idea for a long-term plot device that quickly fizzled.

But before we get to that, let's have an episode of

Well.... That's Random. (tm!)

Well.... That's Random. (tm!)

So, anyway, the plot device in question was Q-Energy.  It apparently had the oomph to knock Superman clean out of the sky.  Thusly:

It also came in handy flame form:

So what was Q-Energy?

Well, first, let's remember that unless Superman has a big power advantage over you, he is terrible in hand-to-hand combat:

Just in case you had forgotten.

Anyhoo, Q-Energy was some energy that appeared in another dimension.  It affected Superman pretty much the same way Green Kryptonite does, and considering you can get Kryptonite in the form of a solid, liquid or gas, it was probably decided that Q-Energy just didn't bring much to the table.  It would appear one more time, 10 years later, in DC Comics Presents #1, when the stuff would be used to make a cage to hold Superman.  By that time, though, no one remembered or cared about it and the revitalization was short lived.  Kind of like Heroes Reborn is going to be.

One interesting thing about Q-Energy that made it different from Green K:

It was just as dangerous to human beings as it was to Superman.  I don't think that necessarily made it more attractive as a plot device, but that's different.

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