Monday, June 29, 2015

A Scientific Explanation of Superman's Amazing Strength! Sorta. For Now.

I know you can't enjoy a comic without having a plausible scientific explanation for superpowers and whatnot, so here's some 'splaining from Superman #1!:

What I find really interesting about this is that they used the concept of evolution.  They weren't created making these fantastic leaps and such.  Nope.  They evolved.

My fundamentalist parents would have pooped watermelons if they'd seen that.

And frankly, it makes no sense.  It's one thing if my muscles compensate for Earth's gravity, so I'm able to jump around on some other planet like that.  But why would my species evolve an ability not just to survive the gravity, but make huge leaps on Krypton itself?  That makes no sense.  I'm sorry if I'm coming across like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, but that simply makes no sense.  

No wonder the changed it to the whole "yellow sun affects him differently" explanation.  It's outlandish but at least that follows it's own made-up logic.

Moving on, it appears that Lois Lane wasn't the only terrible woman in Metropolis:

Hmmmm... I'm starting to think Mary didn't like Tommy Burke for his fabulous taste in sports jackets.

Here's another couple of funnies from Wayne Sallee!:

I want to know who won that contest and what their parents' reaction was when a pony showed up on their front porch.

And here's a head-scratcher:

I didn't do the math, but if they were that specific, I'm prepared to guess you had coupons worth $3.37 in that comic.  I could be a rube and falling for a con, but I just can't help but think that if they went to the trouble to do the math, it's probably a safe bet.  Although I guess wouldn't have been much trouble if you have one coupon for three bucks and another for thirty-seven cents.  But that's just me being cynical.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

You know, I hadn't considered that the coupons were INSIDE the comic. I thought that the company had dropped so low that they went from pont to car to trip to Disneyland via TWA worth $3.37. I guess it does make sense.

By the way, should you need anyone to know, every "scan", i.e., me doing things like the bald Polish guy raised by hillbillies that I am and taking photos of the pages and then downloading them to my computer, these are all from the front pages of SPACE ADVENTURES #33-42, featuring Captain Atom and collected in the DC ARCHIVES CHARLTON ACTION HEROES#1.

Adam Barnett said...

I've burned through many a scanner in the course of this blog and had to make-do, Wayne! Thanks again for the finds!

Gene Phillips said...

Re: that chop-bustin' girlfriend-- FWIW, I think back in those days women were told they ought to push men to dare great deeds because, as women, chop-busting was their job.

Not that the idea has lost all currency today.