Thursday, May 28, 2015

To be fair, You Don't Really *Plan* on Having to Fight an Octopus

And we're back!

I'm hesitant to critique artwork, because I can't even draw stick figures.  But look at the expressions on the faces of Bulletman and Bulletgirl:

Don't they look really freaked out?  Maybe they weren't expecting the explosion.   They just have this, "AAAAAAH!  WE WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS!  KEEP IT TOGETHER!  KEEP IT TOGETHER!"

Anyway, check out Bulletgirl fighting an octopus:

and losing:

Okay, that's just hilarious on so many levels that I don't know where to begin.

In a different story, the villain is a hunchback.  I'm not sure that's politically correct, so we'll say that this is their choice of words, not mine:

But look at who the villain was the prior issue: 

I'm seeing not-so-thinly veiled hostility towards people who don't have perfectly straight spines here.  What's that all about?

Check out this guy:

He's a jolly sort, isn't he?  What's he called:

Yes.  The Black Rat.

I'm not sure why he picked that name, because there is virtually no connotation of the term "rat" that is flattering of which I'm aware.

Don't worry.  He'll be back.  You aren't really dead in comics unless...

Oh.  Nope.  A hand sticking out over the surface of the water means dead and gone.  The end.

See you tomorrow!

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