Friday, November 15, 2013

Superman Doesn't Have Time for Your So-Called "Safety Precautions!" Those Are for LESSER Beings!

So, I'm plodding through Action Comics #188, and I'm marveling at how long Congo Bill and the Vigilante lasted.  Figuring one issue a month, they've already been kicking for over 15 and a half years worth of comics!  Granted, it's because they were back-up features (I don't know anyone who says they purchased Action Comics for the Congo Bill story), but that's still quite a run... and I hope it stops soon, because the stories aren't very good.

Anyway, time for a CMNS Lapses in Judgment (tm!) double feature!

The first has to do with an atomic meltdown at a facility foolishly located in the middle of heavily-populate Metropolis.  Thusly:

Oh, you did not just tell Superham what to do, Professor Pocketprotector!

Supes seems oddly amused by the situation, don't you think?  Anyway, there's all kinds of radiation behind that lead door.  Got it?  Remember that, because you'll soon see that Superham doesn't seem to understand the significance of it.

"And the big red 'S' on my chest stands for STEP OFF, Professor Badsuit!"

Okay... did everyone get that?

He just tore off the lead door and exposed everyone in the room to lethal levels of radiation.  Seriously, he couldn't give them a few seconds to clear the room first?  Sure, he saves Metropolis... sorta... I mean, radiation has a tendency to travel a bit, so I'm not sure what the area of effect was of that whole thing.  I'm not sure he really spared anyone an unpleasant death, long-term.

Oh, well.  Now for our second feature of Lapses in Judgment! (tm!)

Listen to your gut, Lois.  Stranger danger!

Oh, Lois.  Jimmy couldn't protect you from a chihuahua.  What are you thinking?

You certainly did, Jimmy.  You certainly did.  Not even your rapidly-changing hair color will save you now.

Don't do what these people did, kids.

Let's leave the week with more fun from Pud and the gang:

Wow... so, Butch exhales helium.  He should be one of the X-Men!

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

"The heat--It's awful!" That my soon to be dead friend is your flesh and internal organs being literally cooked by hard radiation. You had better make a will and make peace with whatever god you worship.

Buzz said...

That Superman story is horrifying.

The bubble gum comics look so much like R. Crumb comics, it is weird. It's like they are only the first half of an R. Crumb comic, and they get cut off before all the weird psycho "adult situations" and drug doing starts up.

Buzz said...

"Sorry professor, but I'll just have to condemn you and your pals to a slow death of pain and melting."