Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All I Need is Superman's Shirt and I'll Have All Five "S" Uniforms in Existence! Wait... What?

Let's check out some Action Comics covers... because why not?

I'm not ashamed to admit it: This is the first time Lois Lane has struck me as being remotely interesting.  Whatever you're doing, Lois, keep it up!

Hmmmm... you say you only need Superman's shirt to complete your collection of "S" shirts? 

Well, (a) that's a really stupid thing to collect, and you're talking to a guy who literally collected rubber bands as a child.

And, (b), I think you're missing the most awesome one of all:

Finally, check this out:

Oh, Lois, we'll have none of your false modesty.  You're totally grooving on this.

Actually, Lois is having yet another one of her brain-damaged episodes.  What caused this one?  Check it out:

For those of you scoring at home, Lois Lane saw evidence that Clark and Supes are one in the same and this was so shocking to her that she developed some kind of mental disorder.  Mind you, Lois accused Clark of being Superman at least every other Thursday until he finally spilled the beans to her.   Lois would have been more surprised to find out that the Daily Planet cafeteria no longer served blue cheese salad dressing than to be confronted with proof that Clark and Supes were one and the same.

Oh, comics... why must you test my love?

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Well, to be fair, we don't know how far that collection of S-shirts continues to the right, so Jughead's shirt could already be in the collection...

Adam Barnett said...

I thought of that, but then again... if I had Jughead's sweater, that thing would be at the forefront of my collection ;-)

Buzz said...

what would he have had to do to get it, though?

maybe we should feel lucky that he doesn't have it!

at least poor old Jug is still alive!

MarvelX42 said...

Yes, Lois had thought for years that Clark was Superman and yes she tried several times to trick him into revealing it to her. But that doesn't mean that when confronted with the truth, right in her face that it wouldn't have a devastating effect on her psyche. I give you exhibit A:

These men (well at least two of the three) knew about, believed in, read about, studied, investigated and had even developed tools to record and measure ghosts. However on the first time that they were presented with a full blown, in their face, ghost they did what most of us would do and ran away screaming like frightened little girls. In light of this evidence I give Lois a pass on this one.