Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jughead Jones's Prospect for a Career in Customer Service Looks Bleak!

From Green Lantern Vol. 1, #22:

Whoa!  Easy there, Joe!  Some things can't be unsaid!

Let's take a look at the Hun (The Hun?) from Pep Comics #32:

As you can see, he looks like Captain Marvel Jr.'s nemesis, Captain Nazi, only he carries around a shield.  He was introduced as a villain for the Shield, who is still not carrying around a shield of any kind.

I couldn't help but notice that the Hun switches hands a lot when it comes to that shield.  At first he went from the left:

... and there he was, holding it in the right hand so he could brandish a Luger.  Considering one has to put one's forearm through the straps of the shield, I can only presume this was a pretty awkward transition. 

"Stay put, dummkopf, whilst I holster my weapon and put my shield back on my left arm so that I can grab that microphone from you.  Thusly!"

"Und now, if every one of you inferior fools will be so kind as to wait whilst I transfer my shield back to my right hand so that I can use my left hand to... vell, it is a surprise, so trust me!  You do not vant to ruink my surpise, do you?"

"THERE!  HA!  You trusted me, but you should not haf, because I am now holding my shield in my right hand so that I may strangle you with the cord of the microphone that I vas holdink in my right hand but now een my left!  I haff once again proven the superiority of the Aryan race!"

And so it went.

Um, Hun... you have a little something on your lip.... over on the left... no, my left.... you know what?  Never mind.  You're good.


See you tomorrow!


Buzz said...

"Talk qvick! Uddervise you die qvick!"

Unknown said...

So what advice did he give Joe years ago? Inquiring minds want to know!

MarvelX42 said...

Yes, I would like to know what advice he game him as well. Perhaps it was something like "Don't let people push you around!"?

Also The Hun's being able to switch his shield (and various objects that he is holding in his other hand) from one hand to the other that quickly must have been dazzling and a sure sign of his skill with what could obviously be a very deadly weapon in his hands. Even more so if he did it with a flourish by maybe bouncing the shield off of walls or the ceiling.