Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reaching, Tripping and Kicking Thursday!

What the world needs is a little Avengers v1 #152:

I admit I don't know why Wonder Man is getting so wound up. A reaching hand reaches. That's what reaching hands do. You let them do their reaching, and you move on. That's hardly worth the jagged dialogue balloon.

Beware the awesome power of Yellowjacket!:

That's right. He'll.... tie your shoelaces together. And if you really cheese him off, he'll put Vaseline on your doorknobs. Don't mess with him. I can't believe this guy was an Avenger from the git-go while it took Luke Cage more than 30 years.

Not that anyone demanded it, but here's a couple of Peanuts strips I left off yesterday:

Of course, we're all familiar with the repeat gag of Lucy taking the football away before Charlie Brown can kick it, but as my research proves, Charlie Brown not only has kicked the ball, but he did so on his very second try. Which makes the subsequent bits about him not getting a chance to kick the ball make no sense. He had his shot, and he had it early on. Frankly, I don't know what he's been bitching about for 50 years.

The next time you're in the midst of an awkward conversation and you can't think of anything else to say, you are welcome to use this fascinating tidbit. Just one of many public services we do here at CMNS!

Check it out! Bizarro Charlie Brown! Coolness!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the reaching hand is reaching for his crotch. Then it would deserve a jagged dialogue balloon... and some exclamation points. I'm sure even the anticipation of such a things is enough to get a guy wound up.

Anonymous said...

I remember that issue. It's the first or second Avengers I ever purchased. Wondy was in a trance (almost a zombie-like state, in fact). That's why he was going on like that and had the jagged speech balloon.

BTW, the real interesting story of that issue is why he was brought back at all. He had been killed off early in the Avengers run because DC had objected to the name "Wonder Man" and Marvel agreed, as a courtesy, not to use it. But then, shortly before that issue of Avengers, DC introduced "Power Girl," despite Marvel having Luke Cage, Power Man. So, legend has it, when Stan Lee heard about Power Girl he said "Okay. Eff them. Bring back Wonder man."

Aaron Carine said...

I also remember that issue. The bad guy dressed up like a rooster,of all things.