Monday, April 27, 2009

I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends Monday!

Some weeks, work and such are so overwhelming that I just know it's going to be tough to keep up with our little Comic Book Funhouse. But if I slacked off on my responsibilities to my loyal readership, what kind of desperate, sad, pitiful fanboy would I be?

But that doesn't mean I'm above a helping hand, now and again. For the next couple of days, we'll take a look at stuff our contributors sent in. Today, we look at a few that came in from contributor sPat!:

Well, she certain sounds thrilled, doesn't she? Not that I blame her for her sarcasm. I mean, it's a bunch of oversized, colored balls hitting the steps of Metropolis City Hall and creating a lot of mess in general. Considering Metropolis is used to giant robot alien dinosaurs knocking over skyscrapers every other week, this isn't exactly one they're going to be talking about for years to come.

Jimmy learns the hard way that Superman isn't above slipping him a mickey. In 8 hours, he'll wake up covered in baby oil and feathers with a strange burning sensation every time he has to pee....

So, there's time to say all that, but not time to step aside? Not exactly a "man of action" are we, Jimmy?

Once again, thanks to contributor sPat!

See you tomorrow!


Erich said...

On the other hand, "What that?" is exactly the kind of thing I actually would say if I suddenly saw something falling towards me...

SallyP said...

Hah! If you want daily meteor showers, just move to Apex City, where J'onn J'onnz used to hang his hat! They have so many meteors, that they barely notice them any more.

Eric L said...

"No siree, Bob. If there's one thing I don't have the time to do right now it's step aside. Why at the rapid rate that object is falling even attempting to step aside would be a futile effort indeed."

SK said...

I liked the Jimmy one.
Instead of talking just move out of the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is rope considered a "Superman

Allergy said...

I was wondering about the rope too. Could it be something that Lois uses during their "fun time"? Seems like that would be in a different cabinet, though.

Also, first panel: "Gosh, I'm sorry the First National Bank got robbed and I didn't do anything to stop it, but I was busy putting on a fake meteor shower for some people."

Unknown said...

Adam, my man! I'm sure you hear this all the time but reading this one while I sipped on some coffee was a mistake. Cleaning the java off of the keyboard as we "speak"! All I can say now is Bwah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy's Miracleman costume made Supes jealous.

Anonymous said...

OMFG LOVED the Jimmy Olsen with Roofies in the Superman costume. Who knew kal-El had a lycra and bondage fetish?

And YES, the silver age is filled with panels like Jimmy and the falling thing: "Oh, no!" The piano is falling toward Batman! he's lost his balance and is falling off the ladder right in the place where the piano will strike! there's just no time to warn him of his impending doom from the combined force of the aforementioned ladder and falling piano! If only there was some way to help him!" I have taken a couple of spills in my life and the time from everything is Ok to painful explosion in head while laying on street is about a zillionth of a second.

That would be a great new category, Adam, maybe "time slows down" or babbling during danger or something.

Reminds me of the time - as Superman raced to stop an executioner from pulling the electric chair switch (in ONE second) he did like, 50 things around the world.

great work Adam!