Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wait 'til You Meet Perry the Drunk! And Herbie, too! Wednesday!

Man, this week is smacking me around! But that's okay, as long as we have Perry to get us through the day!

Perry knows when he's being shafted. So don't shaft him. Thanks, Avengers v1 #178!


Hey, it's a house ad for the Fantastic Four cartoon! I was never a huge FF fan, but that didn't stop me from getting disappointed that the cartoon was so terrible. Taking my favorite character, the Torch, and replacing him with Herbie the Robot may have sounded like a sure-fire success, but it didn't work out that way.

And, before we have a big exchange in the comments, the Torch was not written out because the network was afraid kids would become little pyromaniacs. Actually, it was a licensing problem.

It was written out in the comics that the Torch was simply out of town when the contracts were signed. Which just proves that as bad as comics get sometimes, cartoons about comics were generally much worse until Batman: The Animated Series changed everything.

The real moral of this story is that whenever there is a really lame character, the marketing folks always tell us, "Just wait 'til you meet him/her!" That's right up there with "she has a great personality!" They probably would have had a better cartoon if they had replaced the Torch with Perry the Drunk. Because he won't put up with getting shafted, whereas I'm pretty sure Herbie would.

See you tomorrow!

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