Monday, April 13, 2009

Intellectual Property Compromisin' Tuesday!

I saw Punisher: War Zone on DVD over the weekend. Wow, was that crap. And I've been pretty tolerant of Punisher movies over the years, although I've never been much of a fan. I mean, the guy shoots people. Not exactly page-turnin' material to me. But I liked the Thomas Jane/John Travolta Punisher movie from a few years back, and even liked the Dolph Lundgren movie from way back, but this was terrible. The acting was awful, the script was painfully bad, and the violence was unnecessarily excessive. Don't even bother on DVD.

Hey! Remember that Golden Age Green Arrow villain called Bull's-Eye we talked about a few weeks back? Remember how much like the Joker he was? Well, apparently the Joker is such an awesome character, the Green Arrow writers decided to steal from his character twice:

See? He was exposed to chemicals during a botched robbery that discolored his skin and.... I'm not even sure which character I'm talking about right now.

Can you believe you missed this?

Alan Ladd looks about as excited to be involved in that project as I would be. I hope he got paid in advance!

I had to give you the whole page so you could really take it all in:

Now, Batman has gone to some extremes to hide his secret identity, but this is the first time I've ever seen him exploit the severely handicapped. Where did Bruce even find this guy, much less communicate his plan to him? I'm sure there's an OSHA violation in this scenario, but I'm too appalled to research it.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Where else but Gotham City, can you find a 6'2" tall, muscular deaf and blind man, willing to dress up like a giant rodent, in order to please a wealthy playboy.

Either Bruce is paying a hell of a lot in blackmail, or there was an "accident" in the Batcave shortly thereafter.

Darius Whiteplume said...

What's wrong with using Alfred? He did it on the TV show, and was very convincing. Well, except for the moustache. And glasses. Oh, and the whole being 100 years-old thing. Weighing a buck-fifty...

Now the blind and deaf guy sounds pretty good.

Jumbie said...

So, Mr Jason didn't find it suspicious that 'Batman's' lips never moved when he talked?

I think Mr. Jason became an -ex-genius a long time before this incident...

Jack Norris said...

"Greenface." Brilliant. I thought "who's that green-faced guy" and right there in the panel I'm told that they couldn't be bothered putting any effort into naming this guy.
This character should be brought back in that whole Geoff-Johns-Silver-Age-fun-but-drenched-in-gore fashion. Or not.