Friday, April 24, 2009

Jokes I Should be Well Past Making Friday!

2 1/2 years and 1000+ posts later, I should be beyond making lame jokes. Should be.

But what can you do when you're reading Avengers v1 #169?

Okay, the guy's name is Beere and we're taking him to Flushing? No way was that an accident!

But once I've checked out his story, he's free to croak all he wants!

Goose chase? No, Cap... I think those are eagles!

Thank you! Thank you! The classics never die!

And with my left leg, I set my Tivo, and with my right ear, I make my mortgage payments....

And you'll note that Iron Man wore his "contemplative" face plate for just such an occasion. Always be prepared, kids!

See you Monday!


D.B. Echo said...

Beere passed out, but not before noting that all the women looked beautiful. Even, for some reason, Jarvis.

MOCK! said...

D.B. Echo writes "Even, for some reason, Jarvis."

Don't you mean especially Jarvis?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Also an interesting name for one of Tony Stark's biggest competitors.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

It's true, you don't really *buy* Beere, as much as you *rent* it.

Hank said...

Actually, aren't those FALCONS behind Cap, not Eagles?

Elrossiter said...

as funny as this blog usually is (and it is), this one was relly pushin the bounds.
'Goose chase? No, Cap... I think those are eagles!' ha ha ha bloody brilliant! and tony's contemplative face plate. i wonder if he has them for all occasions. yaknow like a victory face plate, a 'i've eaten so much chicken that i can't move' face plate - jus wonderin.


Adam Barnett said...

You know, Hank, I thought they were falcons as well, but the bad guy who owned 'em in the story *said* they were eagles, so who am I to argue?