Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everyone Loves a Parade Thursday!

Dear Ones,

There's a long weekend coming up, so this will be the last post until Monday. But that's okay, because it's World's Finest v1 #39!:

Sure, Batman is tormented by the childhood memory of watching his parents violent murder, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a fine parade!

Check out that little boy in the bottom row. I don't know what he's looking at, but if it's more interesting than seeing Batman, Robin and Superman in person, I'm betting there's full frontal female nudity involved.

Shutterbugs are the people you never really want to bring along, because they can't let you just enjoy the moment. Ha! That's a great spontaneous act of piling on each other in the snow! Now, let me get my camera out.... hold on, I've got to adjust the light... Billy, can you move your left arm.... that's good.... and Jane, if you can turn towards me.... no, not that far.... there you go.... no, too far... hey, where's everyone going? Why are you flipping me off?

Beloved is that way on vacations. I can never just enjoy the sunset. I have to try and take a photo of it. But, since I'm trying to take a picture of the sun, it never works. But I still have to try. Every freakin' time.

It's time for a story with Superman in it! I predict Superman will suck!

You may be super, but you'll still suck.

Best. Title. Ever.

Bazooka Boy would tell you the rest of the adventure, but he can't remember it, other than it was WICKED AWESOME, DUDES!

That's it for me! Happy Easter! I'll see you Monday!


wiec? said...

great post as always. i hear what yer saying about picture time. even worse with digital cameras. i keep hearing "that one's no good. let's try another." and another and another. in the old days you took a picture and hoped for the best. i miss those days.

Elrossiter said...

nevermind the boy in the bottom row! where bats' left hand and supes' right hand excactly?!?!?-i know its a parade and parades are fun and all but robin is having just too much fun!

happy easter adam


Captain Infinity said...

Why is Lois wearing a bucket on her head?

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

I'm thinkin' that's a lampshade that Lois has on her demented noggin. Not that there's a party going on, mind you. Not yet.

Lois' motto is "Always be prepared."

Thomas Fummo said...

Looks like if Superman doesn't look where he's zooming off to he's gonna smack that big stupid head of his on the...

too late.
See clark? That's why Lois wears a bucket.

SallyP said...

Obviously they were in the middle of playing a game of charades, when Lois managed to hideously upstage Superman, via the bucket on her head. The bucket was actually full of delicious onion dip, and Superman, is distraught, both by losing the game and the prospect of eating chips sans dip.

So he's off to get some SUPER dip.

Superman has his priorities straight.

D.B. Echo said...

I think the prediction said Lois would be wearing a bucket on her head, Superman would gain seventy pounds, and then exit the room through a closed window.