Friday, December 14, 2007

Sue the Bastards!

Dear Ones,

Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts as we deal with the ice storm and the subsequent blackouts. I know there are folks out there who have been through a lot worse than I, and we are certainly grateful that all those falling trees managed to miss our house. A lot of our friends and family have power restored already, so I am hoping that we'll see some electricity today. We're still concerned that a snowstorm is going to knock out a lot of the power again, but if I could even run the heat enough to get out of the 40's, I can at least get my family and hounds thawed out a bit. So, here's hoping!

Enough of that. I must post! Dammit, I must!

Don't know why I did it.... but I'm suing someone's ass for copyright infringement! Damn torrent downloaders!

By the way.... nice threads, fellas.

Gasp! I've given X-Ray vision to a juvenile delinquent!

That's nothing.... I once gave genital warts to a Taiwanese hooker.

I keed, I keed..... she was Japanese.

Yeah, I'm hoping my mom doesn't have Internet access back just yet. There are some things moms just don't want to hear, even in jest.

Does anyone besides me think it looks like Superboy just rendered Jimmy sterile? Then again, that's probably not a bad policy for juvies.....

That's some might rough juvenile justice there in Kansas. So, you can yank a kid away from his family and lock him up without any due process whatsoever? Are we sure Smallville wasn't really in Texas?

Although "Special Case" Jimmy seems pretty okay with the whole thing. Maybe I should just butt out. If he doesn't care, I suppose I don't.

Ah..... much better. Thanks again, everyone! See you Monday!


SallyP said...

Glad to hear that you survived the ice storm! And so glad that you are posting again.

What's with that kid and the X-ray vision melting through that (presumably) iron bar? X-rays don't work that way!

Gosh, Superboy is just dumb as mud!

Anonymous said...

"Warden, this Jimmy is a very special case. He was able to outwit me somehow!"

"Superboy, that's not special at all."


"Not even a little bit."


De said...

**Nerd Alert!**

Prior to 1967's Arizona v. Gault by the Supreme Court, due process apparently wasn't something common to minors when it came to matters of the law.

In the case, a 15-year old kid was picked up for allegedly making an obscene phone call and was detained without his parents knowledge. The kid apparently wasn't even arraigned, just sentenced to "State Industrial School" without counsel.

Cripes, that's depressing. Umm... I just farted.

Unknown said...

Kansas was a movie retcon.

Superboy stories from that era used to put Smallville near Metropolis & Metropolis was established as being in New York in Superman #2.

Also the All New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (the Legion story where Saturn Girl & Lightning Lad get married) states that Smallville is nestled among the hills just inland from the eastern seaboard. Kansas is nowhere near the eastern seaboard.

(Although The Amazing World of DC Comics #14 states Smallville is in Maryland, but that was not a comic.)

Sorry for ranting, but I'm a nitpicker & saying Smallville is in Kansas in those pre-movie comics annoys me. I seriously doubt any of those writers even considered Kansas as a location for Smallville.


Sea-of-Green said...

Hey, glad to see you posting again, Adam! I hope you have electricity again and that you and your family are staying WARM!!

Hey, this Superboy story was back when X-ray vision and heat vision were the same thing, right? That used to bug the heck outta me. Superboy couldn't look through anything without setting it on fire. No wonder so many girls in his high school had thigh and chest burns. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy sure seems happy at the prospect of going to reform school. Wait! Doesn't Jimmy look like a young Oliver Queen...