Tuesday, May 1, 2018

In Which the Appearance of Four Super-Villains Finally Gives Us a Decent Story

No spoilers on Infinity War!  I'm still behind in my Marvel movies.  I just saw Thor: Ragnarok and it was awesome.

Hey, I got things to do, alright?  I'll get to it.

Meanwhile, let's get to PPTSSM #42, where everyone has their name hovering near them like in a Richard Scarry book:

But no name tag for this guy for some reason:

I guess we're just supposed to know that is Marvel artist Mike Zeck?  Inside jokes aren't nice, folks.

And you need those labels to tell the mean blonde from the nice one.

See?  That's Marcy, the mean one.  You can remember her using the alliterative phrase, "Marcy the Mean."

And that's Debra, who is the nice one.  You can remember her using the alliterative phrase, "Debra the..."

Okay, just remember the one with the glasses is the nice one who isn't named Marcy.  That's all I've got right now.

Meanwhile, the Frightful Four have finally decided to get off dead center and do something besides hang out and bicker:

Is this asbestos?  Should I be breathing this?

Well, let's just say it's not NOT asbestos.

Okay, then.

Plan formed, they lure Spidey to the Statute of Liberty and make their move:

Yeah, once you throw a lightning bolt, that jig is officially up.

Spidey wonders if the Sinister Six has returned, which would have actually been a lot more awesome.  The Trapster ain't no Doc Ock.

Yeah, the really cool ideas are always one-shot deals.

Yup.  Their sole motivation is revenge.  That's all we've got here.  They're risking injury and imprisonment just to whomp on people who done them wrong.

Oh, well.  At least I get to say

Revenge!... REVENGE! (tm!)

And then the Wizard tosses something and that's the end of that:

You know, the same Spidey Sense that enables him to dodge bullets probably should have kicked in there.  But hey... if Spidey doesn't lose, this story comes to an end and the Fantastic Four #218 is going to consist of nothing but Reed and Sue binge-watching Stranger Things.

So, Spidey is in trouble and needs help.  But Thor is very busy at the moment:

So, I guess Thor has a pocket somewhere that he stashes the fruit pies?  I'd kinda like to know exactly where that is and how he keeps them from getting squashed.  Tony Stark probably designed a "fruit pie pocket cozy" or something.

Yes, since we were actually onto a fairly entertaining story here, it can't possibly remain in PPTSSM.  And it would end in Fantastic Four #218.  We didn't drag stuff out back in the day.

See you soon!

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