Thursday, August 24, 2017

Notice I Don't Say a Thing About the Device Called a "Power-Rod" Because I'm Mature and Stuff

Okay, so after all that history in the last post, we're back to PPTSSM #17 to finish up with the Champions.  Frankly, considering the patterns seems to be: "Cancel book, continue story in next book, cancel that book," I'd be reluctant in the same way that I'd be reluctant to share a comb passed among folks that we now know have head lice.  But here we go:

I have a question about the building and it's the same question I have about the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building: Does the team occupy the entire building?  Do they really need the entire building?  I mean, the Avengers get by with a mansion and heck, the Justice League operated out of a cave more than once.  What's with all that real estate?

And we see the dissolution of the team:

Even though Ghost Rider was going through his "Johnny Blaze retains his personality as the Ghost Rider" phase (not exactly a high point), he was still a big draw for me.  I hadn't heard of him before the Champions, but I thought he looked awesome.  Keep in mind I was a child and hadn't seen a lot of biker tattoos.

Then this happened:

Oh, eeesh.  That's Darkstar.  She was a serious snooze, but they just Vanilla Chickened her throughout the series.  Kind of like Dawnstar in the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Coincidence?  Someone research that and get back to me.

Cripes, Bobby.  Grow a pair.

Why would the Widow go with Hercules?  I mean, if it's a "man-god" thing, is she even invited?  Women just can't stand to see a dude enjoying life by himself.

Yeah!  Besides.... you know... every hero in the Marvel Universe.

Well, that was some self-realization.  I can respect that.

Anyway, remember I said Rampage from The Champions was relevant?  Here's why:

And then this happened:

You see, the original Rampage is the guy in the wheelchair and he somehow got Iceman brainwashed into wearing his armor and doing his bidding.  I guess he just wheeled up to Iceman and said, "Here, put this on."

And then this happens:

Which is bad news, because:

But if he's no longer the original Rampage's pawn and is commanding his own powers, why would Iceman do anything Rampage wanted?  I mean, is this a selective brain shut-off kind of thing?  It seems like you are either going to still be brainwashed and go after someone thinking you're Rampage, or you realize you're Iceman and go boo-hoo over Darkstar some more.

But when I read this as a kid, I thought it was awesome.  We'll check out part two in the next post, which may be awhile because Adam is taking staycation next week.  Stay frost, hepcats!

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