Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Stunning Origin of Pierpont Peasly!

The Bulletman story was a yawn, but CMJ rarely disappoints!  Let's finish our look at Master Comics #53!

You know, Freddy, if you have so much time on your hands that you can spend the day on some guy's problem child, you might want to remember that WWII is still going on.

Right, CMJ?  Hmff, indeed!

Anyway, I guess babysitting is a whole lot more interesting to comic book readers of the 1940s than war, so...

You know, the kid might not be so cheesed off at the world if you didn't make him dress that way.  And I don't think that haircut lands him any points with the neighborhood kids, either.

That tickles!

Hey... I didn't tell you stop.

Really?  Rather than spending your time thwarting the Axis or rescuing people whose lives are in danger, you're going to hang out with a spoiled hellion out of spite?  

But don't worry, gang!  Rather than see CMJ tear into battleships, throw around tanks or fight enemy aircraft, you get great action sequences like:


What is with CMJ?  Seriously, why has this gone from being a "Hmff"-worthy waste of time to something worth dying for?

That's right, Home Alone.  Comics did it first.

Hmmmm... is it just me, or does it seem like he's about to give this kid a beating?

I always wonder why that sort of thing works on a character who can fly.


And I hate to keep coming back to this, CMJ... but WWII is still going on.

Why, CMJ?  Why wouldn't you ever be able to face yourself again?  Unburden yourself so we can get back to beating up Nazis.

So, this kid got under CMJ's skin so much that CMJ decided to just chuck the whole "secret ID" thing.

So, to review:

A)  CMJ changes to Freddy right in front of the kid.
B)  Freddy (who is a separate person) agrees that fighting this kid is a good idea.
C)  The kid, who is a "genius," does not connect the dots and fails to realize that CMJ and Freddy are one and the same.

At this point, the writers must have realized how ridiculous a corner they had painted themselves in and brought in a gangster:

And, at this point, I think we've all given up.

What kind of inventions does CMJ need?  I admit I'm now going to be rather disappointed if they don't follow through on this.

And here's a PSA from Captain Marvel, who seems to be the only one who remembers WWII is still going on.

Victory gardens were a pretty awesome idea.  But seriously... the Axis can have any beets I grow.  I tried bottled beet juice once.  Two words as to the flavor: Liquid dirt.

See you soon!

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Gene Phillips said...

I recall a reprinted Mary Marvel tale in which she too changed from her normal ID to her super-self, right in front of a crook named Nite Owl. Maybe the flashing lightning was supposed to blind people so that they didn't see exactly know what had happened, but I don't think any story actually said that outright. Besides, as far as the average reader can tell, Freddy looks exactly like his super-self, as does Mary. At least when juvenile Billy Batson disappears and a strapping big guy takes his place, it's understandable that everyone doesn't connect the dots.