Thursday, May 4, 2017

When You're Up against Hard Guys, You Have to Talk Cold Turkey.

Keepin' on with Master Comics #55!

Yeah, let's just get Radar out of the way:

Um... Pep, I don't think that date was going anywhere after your little comment.  Women don't like being told they eat a lot.

Anyway, something boring happens and then:

I have no idea what Radar meant by saying that, but I felt I should preserve it for the ages just in case it's some kind of code that we later learn gives us the location of an alien spacecraft or something.

Let's check in with Bulletgirl!

Hey!  Nice one!  Maybe she's getting better at hand to ...

Whoops!  Never mind!

Finally, let's watch CMJ fight Sivana's rubber creature!

Hmmmm... nothing to make fun of so far.  I wonder if...

Oh... spoke too soon.

Considering CMJ was a relatively serious title, that little bit of Saturday-morning cartoon slapstick is really out of place.  But it happened, so there you go.

Hey! Another interesting PSA!

Wow!  Growing milkweed for the war effort!  It's amazing the stuff we find, isn't it?

See you soon!

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Gummboote said...

"The blue boy ties up Curtain's limbs until he's a giant rubber ball!"

Even in the 1940s that was some people's idea of a good time.