Monday, May 8, 2017


Contributor Robert Gillis reminded me that we haven't had new entries for CMNS Sound Effect Theatre (tm!) in a while, so here's a couple:

It's rather impressive that Brainiac was able to steal an entire city with naught but a "poof!"  I make more noise than that getting out of bed every morning.

But here's the one for the ages. 


And just so you don't feel cheated out of your daily dose of Radar, the International Policeman, here he is showing us more of his suave ways with the ladies:

I think that's close enough to a sound effect, don't you?

This has been another installment of CMNS Sound Effect Theatre! (tm!)

Thanks again, Robert!

See you soon! 


Cflmaior said...

Radar's exclamation is doubtless a "sound effect", which has even a name in Rhetoric: alliteration.

George Chambers said...

Look at the expression on Braniac's face! I wonder what name you'd give to a "shrinking cities" fetish?