Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Stop Teasing Me for a Bicycle," and other Things I've Never Said. At Least, That's what I'll Say in Court.

So, I'm hearing decent buzz about Wonder Woman, and I'm glad.  I don't understand people who are rooting for a movie to be a bomb.  Anyone who doesn't want a movie about comics to be good isn't really a fan.

Let's take a brief look at Master Comics #64:

Oy.  You have to give it to CMJ for trying to put Radar over, but I don't exactly see him and say, "This character needs a statue," know what I mean?

Anyway, here he is in action:

The mind-reading he has down.  Keeping his own mouth shut rather than blurting out his strategy to his opponent, not so much.

Here's something that caught my eye:+

You know, if Bulletgirl is willing to shoot a criminal, why doesn't she carry a gun?  You know, just as a safety net for one of the many times she's defeated in combat?

I've posted this ad for two reasons:

1) Because I can't believe this is actually generating any sales that warrant continued ads and
2) because I wanted to give you proof that if I ever make reference to "Mary's secret visit to Santa" that I'm not talking about anything dirty.

Speaking of things that sound dirty but aren't:

That's... an interesting use of the word "teasing," and one that could probably get you a visit from the local authorities if you repeated it.

Here's an expression I didn't know was a thing:

Well, by ginger, if you name your kid "Speedy Wheeler," you're being kind of a jerk by not getting him a bicycle from the moment he's no longer sleeping in a crib or a dresser drawer or whatever people used back then.

Here's an odd premium:

I tried to find this online because I want to know what celebrities posed for it, but no luck.  I also checked out the address on Google Maps, and I can't tell what that building was.  Take a look at it and see if you agree that it looks like someone might have been running this out of their apartment.

See you soon!


George Chambers said...

On the other hand, Bulletgirl is going to get defeated anyway - so giving her a gun is the same as giving her captor a gun, which would only make matters worse.

Gene Phillips said...

That is one idiosyncratic use of the word "teasing." I never encountered anything remotely similar associated with the word. Thanks for finding this oddball gem. (I think, due to Scott Shaw's rumored abdication, this post officially makes you King of the Oddball Comics.)