Monday, June 5, 2017

The Return of.... Eh, I'm not Spoiling It

Time to check out Master Comics #66!  Hey, I think we're about halfway through Master Comics, so I need to figure out what we're going to do next!

Meanwhile, here's issue #66:

CMJ looks a little lost there.  Not that I don't understand it, considering one sand dune looks like the next.  Well, at least I would imagine they all look similar.  It's not like I've spent a lot of time in the desert.  I'm not much of a traveler.

Hey, Germany fell!  They never really mentioned it before, but here's my clue:

And take a look at this stuff:

I Googled that "magic folder" but didn't find anything.  I'd like to see it, but there it is.

Meanwhile, this ad got me curious:

This isn't my main question, but doesn't R.C. seem like he's really happy about the theater fire?  Are we sure he didn't start it?

I know you're waiting for me to put the video up for "We Didn't Start the Fire," but that ain't happening.


Okay, based on Quickie's obsession, are we 100% sure he didn't have some sort of substance abuse problem and he was using Royal Crown Cola as a way of coping?

Anyway... look who's back:

I know, right?  I never thought we'd see this guy again, but there he is.

That's probably a lot more profitable than his previous schtick.  

You look like an all right guy.  I don't judge a man based on helmets he wears under his hat.

But Dr. Carver isn't quite as obtuse...

But don't worry... Bulletgirl is out there!  Thusly:

Yeah.  That happened.

And since Bulletgirl tested me, here's her stellar performance from the previous issue: 


Let's check out an ad!

Wow... that is one of the most hideous things I've ever seen.  Whatever became of Janne of Hollywood?  Google isn't telling me anything.  That's twice, Google.

See you soon!

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