Thursday, September 1, 2016

In Which Bulletgirl is Defeated by.... Oh, I Can't Even Put It in the Title

I finally got around to seeing Batman: Assault on Arkham.  It was quite awesome.  I haven't Suicide Squad yet.  Some folks say this was the better Suicide Squad movie of the two but I'll make up my own mind.

Meanwhile, here's another beaut of a cover from Master Comics #24!

But then you get inside the mag, and you see more recycled artwork:

Yeah that's how Junior looked when he first faced Captain Nazi the previous issue.  It's not plagiarism when you copy yourself, I suppose.  

And hey, comic books were still comparatively much less expensive back then... according to an inflation calculator, 10 cents in 1940 would only be $1.69 today!  And I don't think anyone is really getting rich off the sale of comics, so what the heck made production costs go so crazy that we're paying 4 bucks a pop?

Oh, well.  This story is about people dying after they listen to the radio:

I'll bet Maroon 5 was playing.  I often feel that way after I hear Maroon 5.  Especially that "Animal" song where he howls near the end?  Cringeworthy stuff.

Anyway, Junior is on the case:

See?  He'll investigate stuff.  Superman just waits for Lois to get kidnapped and that leads him to the bad guys.  This is why the Marvel Family will always be better than Superman.  ALWAYS.


You know, it's not like Freddy Freeman has any business poking around the City Morgue, either.  Why not just stay the guy who can just fly away if he's about to get busted?

But if that happens, I guess it'll be a shorter story, so...

Yeah, there was also that whole, "why not keep yourself as the bulletproof guy until you have the murderer in custody" question, as well.  I'm not trying to backseat drive here, but I don't think there's any kind of time limit on being a Marvel.  You know, it's not like he was Hourman or anything.

Speaking of which, Justice Society on Legends of Tomorrow next season?  YOWZA!  And I don't have to put up with the Hawks, either.  Man, they were poorly cast.

Anyhoo, Freddy is in hot water until there's a sandwich involved:

I also find things generally start working out better once a sandwich is involved.

I.... don't get that pun at all.  I realize there's some kind of rule against being silent when you're smacking people around in comics...

Oh.... I guess there isn't a rule against being silent.

Check it out:

Those last two panels were one after the other.  So, there were so many sound effects, they just put the action in one panel and the sound effects in the next one.  AWESOME!  The stuff they got away with back in the day.

After all those sound effects, I should hope so.  It's not like you were fighting Captain Nazi and Ibac there.

Onward to the Bulletman story, already in progress:

I love that panel.  Just all by itself, I love that panel.

Anyway, Susan gets taken out by a bouquet of flowers, disgusting readers everywhere who thought she'd pretty much hit rock bottom:

Then Jim comes along...

So now he starts using her code name.


Wait a minute.  What are "the protective powers of her gravity helmet"?  I'm pretty sure it only served to give them the ability to fly and to deflect bullets because it would just be unseemly to have Bulletman with a bullet wound.  Where in all that do we have the ability to repel bouquets of flowers?

Anyway, here's an interesting piece of history...

Yes, at one point we had to be mindful of whose planes we might see flying over our country.  That had to be scary.  Not that we don't have a whole slew of things to be scared of these days, but... what a sad sign of the times that was to see in a publication meant for children.

Here's something I didn't know.  You know how Dr. Strange does that "Astral Projection" thing like this?

A lot of characters in comics, cartoons and even tv can do that, but I'm wondering if El Carim wasn't the first?

Can anyone beat 1940 or so?  They didn't even call it "Astral Projection" back then!  We may have found ourselves something kinda interesting!

Let's finish with some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!)

Well, if you gesture just right....

See you tomorrow!

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