Friday, April 11, 2014

Women with Big Arched Eyebrows be Trouble

We're running out of Shield appearances in Pep Comics, so let's enjoy one of the last remaining ones from issue #63!

No, not that Ted Kennedy.

He was to be married shortly?  To her?

I don't know... if he was looking at a life with that woman, he may have taken the easy way out.  She looks a little.... shall we say, stern.  Really, Toots?  You can't even fake a single tear?

And a bunch of stuff happens, and as will come to a surprise to no one:

Really, Dusty?  You can't handle one woman with a handgun who isn't even paying attention to you right now?  Worst. Sidekick. Ever.

So she's held Dusty hostage for who-knows how many hours that it took the Shield to figure this thing out and Dusty just sat there and took it?  Put on your big boy pants, Dusty!


Whoops!  Maybe trying to take her on wasn't such a hot idea after all.  Sorry, Dusty!  Sorta.  I kind of yearn for your demise, so I can only muster up a qualified apology.  That's the best you're going to get out of an American these days.

Hey, not so rough, Shield!  I'm starting to warm up to her!  She did shoot Dusty, after all.

And no matter what the rest of the story said, Dusty is dead.  And I'll hear no more of it.

Meanwhile, let's end the week with the start a new meme!  I like to call this one...

Well, THAT Looks Uncomfortable! (tm!)

Well, THAT Looks Uncomfortable! (tm!)

See you Monday!


Mitrethief said...

Was Mr. Kennedy on the phone when Miss Judy killed him?

Adam Barnett said...

A fair question, Mitretheif! But no, he was shot. Had he been *strangled*, well... that's a sign he was on the phone.