Thursday, April 10, 2014

Supergirl's Job Hunt

Finishing up our look at Action Comics #267, we have Supergirl meeting the Legion of Super-Heroes for the first time:

Well, sort of.  It turns out these aren't the same kids:

That seems rather unnecessary from a writing standpoint.  I mean, they're time-travelers, and always have been, so the original crew could have sent themselves to Supergirl's era just as easily as they went to Superboy's.

Don't overthink it, Adam... 

Okay, did you get that?  They want her to join their club.

And this is one of their members, by the way:

Super-Invisibility.  As opposed to that other kind.

Anyway, not so fast, Supergirl!

Okay, (A) the Legion is more cliquish than the Justice League ever was and (B) don't tell me you want me in the group and then make me audition.

I have to hurry because time's almost up?  Didn't we just travel through time?  Couldn't we have returned a little earlier when...

Don't overthink it, Adam.

Anyway, Supergirl does something that involves a lot of digging and:

Now, just a second.  She had just returned from doing this super-feat and they had already chosen someone else?  It sounds like this was just a "we had to post the opening but we had already promised the job to an intern" situation.  And that's a seriously schmucky move.

Red Kryptonite does it again!

It wore off an hour later, but sorry, Supergirl.  The position has been filled.  We appreciate your interest, and will keep your resume on file if an appropriate opening arises in the near future.

In the future, even super hero clubs are apparently modeled after corporate America.

Anyway, Linda returns to the orphanage, confused and dejected:

Even after all that terrible treatment, she still wants the gig.  This is what happens when your only living relative is so ashamed of you that he makes you live in an orphanage and deny any relation to him.  This is actually a pretty dark series if you think about it.

See you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

MANY supergirl stories with Linda back at the orphanage being wistful.