Monday, April 28, 2014

Harumph! Harumph! Harumph!

Happy Monday!  Today's panels come from a couple of issues of the Golden Age Blue Beetle, but I can't swear as to which ones.  Let's just enjoy the mystery!

What's the Blue Beetle up to?

And after a trial by a jury of his peers, the Blue Beetle was court-ordered not to be within 2000 feet of a playground, school or day care center.

Well.... not really, although that would have been hilarious.  The editors had this brilliant idea that kids might be more inclined to purchase comics if there was a chance they might actually appear in them.  So, if you sent your pertinents and whatnots to them, there was a (I imagine very slight) chance you might get to star in an adventure with the Blue Beetle.

The funny thing is, there was really no explanation as to why the Blue Beetle was yawning.  I think he was simply bored with the prospect of babysitting a couple of fans.  

And, things went as you might imagine.  The kids were more of a distraction for our hero, who probably could have resolved things in five panels had he not spent all his time rescuing... well, everyone on his team.

But there was this:

Okay.  You get points for tickling an elephant with a tree.

And now, the premiere of Lackadaisical Warden (tm!):

He's vested in his pension and has already picked out his retirement condo in Florida.  He cares not whether the convicted prisoners are inside the prison walls or not.  He's Lackadaisical Warden (tm!)!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Adam: Psychotic as I am, I have always loved the Golden Age Blue Beetle, Red Bee, and Hourman. I have about 15 BB comics (including two that appeared in the 50s). Do you own any BB issues? Wanna sell them when money is tight? (I know you are a wealthy playboy, but with this economy...)

Adam Barnett said...

Nice! I'm afraid I'm relying on the kindness of fellow collectors and don't own any BB comics, but I'll have access to quite a few and so we'll see several posts in the future! I loved the Ted Kord version (including the Silver Age Charleston run) but only have a few of those myself.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Adam, sounds cool. I guess I shouldn't be psychotic about BB, more because I like the Red Bee. Just the fact that bees cannot see red make him an odd character.

The GA BB stories are great. Several were black-listed by Wertham because of bondage on the cover, and there were a few issues where he inexplicably was on Saturn. Then he was back, no reference to it again. Sort of like how Scott Lobdell writes Superman in the new 52, ha.

Enjoy the blog every day. Take care. --Wayne

Adam Barnett said...

Thanks, Wayne! I always liked B-list characters... and yeah, I'm seeing a lot of bondage covers in the BB series! Thanks for tuning in!

E. Bernhard Warg said...

Why is one of the children Hitler?