Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Chicken in Every Pot and a Superman in Every Planet

I don't often find Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) on the cover of a comic itself, but check out Action Comics #265:



Okay, moving on.  This issue had an appearance of yet another Superman-esque guy from outer space:

Of course, if you go around calling yourself "Hyper-Man," that means that in your teenage years you were known as:

Yes.  Hyper-Boy.

So, where does he get his powers?  By eating too much chocolate?

And we see Superman's American-centric way of thinking:

Yeah, there's nowhere on Earth that shoes have curled toes and coins have shapes other than round.  Heck, a tuk tuk only has three wheels, and it's considered a motorized vehicle so that probably counts.  But since that ain't the way in the U.S. of A., Supes apparently agrees with Hyper-Man that it's not worth noting.  Ah, Superman... ever the Ugly American.

Enough of that.  See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Hey! Where's the picture of Supergirl exposing herself? I feel cheated. ;-)

Cflmaior said...

Marvel, THAT was the April Fools' joke.

Tracer Bullet said...

I know color separation wasn't great in the Golden Age, but fuscia tights, forest green manties and a mustard cape and boots is just a bad look.

Railbus said...


Railbus said...
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