Friday, February 15, 2013

But Mommmmm... I NEED Those 350 Used Popsicle Bags!

Before I hope back on All-Flash Quarterly #15, here's a funny from Lois Lane #36, courtesy of contributor Robert Gillis!

(A) No one's "hobby" is nuclear physics
(B) You need a 13 Billion Volt Nuclear Beam???
(C) Wouldn't exposing Lois Lane to 3 Billion Volts of Nuclear Energy... oh, I don't know... KILL HER?

I mean, do you know where you can get a 13 Billion Volt Nuclear Beam?  If so, have you informed your government that you have access to a 13 Billion Volt Nuclear Beam?  Because I'm pretty sure that's information they'd like to have.

Back to All-Flash Quarterly #15.  Check out this ad:

I seem to recall that back in the day, we were supposed to save the sticks to redeem them for something, but I may have totally made that up.  But the original promotion had you save the bags for gifts:

Now, the fact that I'm not putting in any effort for a manicure set or a khaki toilet kit aside, I would think that the bags would be nigh impossible to clean, so you just know there were a lot of mothers who were none too pleased that their children were hoarding used bags with frozen sugary residue somewhere in the house.  They no doubt switched to sticks because they were much easier to clean and frankly, 350 sticks would be a lot easier to store, ship and receive than 350 bags.

Much to our chagrin, it's time for Fat and Slat.  Amuse me, boys!

I'm not sure I get that.  Can someone explain it to me?

Then again, I'd rather not get the joke than see this:

So in 1945, this was still perfectly okay.  Eeesh.  And it's not like your average child is going to understand the concept of a "porous" or "nonporous" plaster, anyway.  I guess we should be glad they at least acknowledge an African American could be a doctor.

Monday is a holiday, so I'll see you on Tuesday!


Joey Collard said...

I google searched "Life is just one * thing after another" and "Life is just one damn thing after another" was a popular result.
So...that, I guess.

On the subject of popsicle sticks:
frame bombs

D.B. Echo said...

I think the whole joke turns on "It has its points", which refers to the "points" system in rationing. Also, Slat wants to eat a goat, maybe. No idea why Fat passes out, or puts in a plug for a comic book that won't exist for thirty years.

Aaron Carine said...

I think banros is right. "Banned thing" was a stand-in for "damned thing", which I guess was pretty daring innuendo for a comic in the 1940s.

Adam Barnett said...

I had wondered if "banned" was a pun on the word "damned," but I thought... naw, not in a 1945 comic. It sure looks like that was the case, though... Didn't know that "points" thing. Good eye!