Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tin Cans in the Garbage Pile Are Just a Way of Saying "Heil!"

Rounding up my look at All-Flash Quarterly #15, I noticed that there were patriotic sayings printed at the bottom of the pages.  This is totally understandable (I mean, WWII was going on so God Bless anyone who helped the war effort) and most of them are good pieces of advice as to how everyone could do their part.

But since I'm Adam, I just had to share this one with you:

Point made, and that's pretty dang clever.

Anyway I was reading one of the three stories in there, and... well, we've all been unfortunate enough to sit in a movie theater with some idiot who talks to the screen.

I introduce our latest CMNS meme... The Intrusive Caption Box (tm!)

Okay, who is actually saying that?  There's no narrator to this story!

Well, now you're just interfering.  Being a narrator in a story is like filming a nature documentary.  No matter how much you would like to, you can't interfere.

Enough of that.  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

That one was actually a two-fer.  It's an example of That Doesn't Work That Way(tm!)... yet another new CMNS meme!

Hypnotism is nigh impossible to do instantaneously, especially on an unwilling person.  Say it with me: Hypnotism... Doesn't Work That Way! (tm!)

Two new memes!  Egad, we've been a house on fire since I returned, haven't we?

Check out this hilarious cover.  It surfaced on a Facebook page called "The Bestest Covers Ever" or something like that.  Anyway, read the guy's dialogue for a chuckle and our third new meme!  I call it...

Well... Touche (tm!)

Well... Touche! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

In the 1970s, Chris Claremont used to do that kind of "talk to the characters" narration all the time.
"We told you so, Wolverine", "Nice try,lady" etc. etc. The coyness was really annoying.

Ah,Tiger Man, we hardly new ye--because Atlas Comics lasted about two weeks.

Aaron Carine said...

Oops, I meant to write "knew ye".

Adam Barnett said...

Really? I have to find some of those X-Men issues. I'm out of the loop because I lost interest in the title shortly after Byrne left.