Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fear the Pencil-Thin Mustache of... The Sinister!

Sorry about missing yesterday's post, my lovelies.  This has been quite a week, and it's just gonna happen sometimes.  Better to take a missed day than to stress out about it.  If I forgive myself for the occasional missed day, that'll contribute to the overall longevity of the blog.  If Mike Sterling can do it, so can I.

So rest assured that a missed post means nothing more than "Adam had a busy day yesterday." 

So, although I'm running very low on time today, I did have the chance to peruse All-Flash Quarterly #16.

First, this issue stars a gangster called "The Sinister," which seems like a rather incomplete name.  The Sinister what?  But I can forgive that, because he had the greatest villain mugshot I've ever seen:

That's right... and the horse you rode in on!

This was actually a pretty fun tale wherein the Three Dimwits actually get a license to practice law.  Being of the lawyerly occupationin' myself, this caught my eye.

And frankly, I believed that they made their way through correspondence law school because I went to an actual law school and I saw some people get through that who could have been a descendant of Winky, Blinky or Noddy.

But they went a little too far:

Okay, there's a world of difference between making your way through law school and passing a state bar exam.  Bar exams are, to quote Shakespeare, "A MAMMA JAMMA!"  There is no way those guys passed a bar exam.  Not even the one in Arkansas.

I kid, I kid.  Go, Razorbacks!  

At first, they go chasing ambulances.  Literally.  But what piqued my interest was this exchange:

What?  I mean, there are rules about advertising, but you can certainly use advertising.  I wonder if that was really the case back then? 

I can't possibly imagine a world where there are rules that would prevent things like this:

That was pure genius.

Anyhoo, the Dimwits get hired by the Sinister to get him put in jail for 30 days so he can have an alibi.  Hilarity ensues:

It was actually a pretty good tale.  The Dimwits can make me laugh.  Instead of getting the Sinister put in jail like he wanted, they kept getting themselves thrown in jail for their contemptuous behavior.  Good stuff.

Sorry I'm a little scattered, but hey.  It is what it is.


Unknown said...

I don't no what the situation is in the US, but in Australia, lawyers have only be allowed to advertise comparatively recently (since the 90s if I remember correctly).

Adam Barnett said...

When I went to law school in the early 90's, we had the same rules that we do now regarding advertising. You can do it, but there are ethics to it. It's interesting to think of a profession where you couldn't advertise your services. And HELLO, Australia! I happen to be listening to a Midnight Oil CD this week!

D.B. Echo said...

I believe the US has only allowed attorneys to advertise since the mid-80's. Wikipedia says Bates v. State Bar of Arizona dates from 1977.

MarvelX42 said...

I don't think casinos could advertise until just recently, also cigarettes and hard liquor couldn't. At least some of these couldn't in some venues such as television. Then recently casinos were allowed to advertise on radio, but certain words couldn't be said. They couldn't say gambling, craps, roulette and other names of the actual things that people goto casinos to do. Some of those laws for cigarettes and hard liquor are still in place. At least they are where I live. We even have insane "blue laws" that state that NO alcoholic beverages can be sold on weekends and after certain hours on week days. I am not going to bother to look up the actual times.

Adam Barnett said...

Man, casinos advertise on TV all over the place, but the only casinos we have are Indian casinos. But now that you mention it, they never say the actual words of the games. Hmmmm....

MarvelX42 said...

Yes, like I said they can't say the names of the games. Also I am almost positive that they couldn't advertise casinos on TV until very recently.