Thursday, October 18, 2012

In Which I Introduce the Word "Visor-Lifty" to the English Language

So, I'm continuing my look at the Comet story from Pep Comics #1, and I believe I owe someone an amends.  Upon further review, it appears that you can always see his eyes through the glass in his visor, making yesterdays closing jabs inappropriate.  I apologize to... well, whoever gives a rip, which is probably no one.

Anyway, I read the rest of the Comet story, and ... this guy is badass.

But first, you have to find him.  Fortunately, someone has his home phone number:

I had thought that this person was calling his civilian ID, but the Comet shows up in costume, so I'm not sure how that worked.  No one bothered to explain it.  I mean, if I call Childhood Pal Scotty and he shows up in his secret identity as SILVER MAN (so named because he came back from the Israeli Games with a chest full of silver medals in gymnastics... true story!), it wouldn't be hard for me to connect the dots.  Why this guy knows the Comet's identity, I have no idea.  But he clearly does.

And I couldn't help but notice that the Comet apparently just hangs out around the house in full super-hero gear.  I'm not judging anyone here.  I'm just making an observation.

This panel cracked me up:

Egad, that's a nervous guy.  I'm nervous just looking at him.  Wavy lines in multi-colors and all that... pretty agitating stuff there.

Here's kind of a reverse Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!):

I tell you, this is the last time I eat at the Cheesecake Factory!

Yeah, it's a cheap shot, but so is Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

Speaking of which:

if so, can I have his shoes?  I seem to have disintegrated mine.

Now as I mentioned, the Comet is surprisingly badass.  Cooperate with him or don't, you're getting the stink-eye:

Way harsh.  He had disintegrated a crook's house a page or two earlier and I almost put that on, but it kind of paled in light of the subsequent murder spree the guy went on:

No!  No!  I've got this new invention I call "Purell!"

So think twice before you mess with the Comet.  All those stars and moons he's wearing?  That's the bait so he can go all "visor-lifty" on your ass...

That's right.  Visor-lifty.

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Back in the day, super"heroes" were mass murderers. That sure doesn't seem very heroy to me.

Aaron Carine said...

Yeah,the Golden Age superheroes would kill at the drop of a hat. Perhaps that reflected draconian public attitudes towards crime.