Monday, October 15, 2012

See That He Gets Killed Properly! Monday!

Happy Monday, my lovelies!  You know what I just finished reading?  This:

Cardboard by Doug TenNapel

Yeah, I know it's for a younger audience... probably your "tweeners," but it had great art, fast pacing, sharp dialogue... I don't care if it was for my tired old eyes or not.  I was entertained, and that makes it a winner.

Let's finish up All-Flash Quarterly #5.  I'm getting the impression that writer Gardner Fox decided that, what with the talking horses and all, we just can't take things too seriously, so he indulged himself in silliness a bit:

Now that's some old school villainy right there!

Here's a good two-panel joke that'll slip right past you if you aren't careful:

Then, because it is a Gardner Fox story, we once again get a little too detailed with the explanations: 

Wait. What?

Well, I can't argue with success, but I can't follow that now, much less when I was the target age for this thing.  I appreciate that Gardner had this confidence in the comprehension level of his readership, but I'm afraid I would be a terrible disappointment to him.

No, give me the cheap gags:

YEAH!  Buffoonery is a comedic style that just never grows old.  That's why Judd Apatow is a bajillionaire.

Remember, hepcats!  Too much jivin' isn't good!

And then we ruin everything with people speaking in unison:

You understand why I can't stand that, right?  I mean, have you ever said the same thing as four other people at the same time?  And here we even have laughing... in unison.  It's so awkward.  And frankly, this scene takes place months after the story ended, so how did all those people end up in the same place at the same time, much less spontaneously speaking in unison?  And is... is Jay winking at me??

MADNESS, I tells ya!

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

I know that you can't post the whole comic, but I hate that you can't even post enough for me to follow the story. I mean I can guess that Jay ran around the tiger making him dizzy, but the horse was fast? wasn't fast? Jay carried the horse to the end of the race or helped it by guiding it's one leg or something and alla those people knew about it or something?

Adam Barnett said...

Well, the details of this particular story weren't really critical to what I found funny about it. Sometimes, it's what goes on in a tale - other times, there are just bits and pieces that make me chuckle. I just read it the other day, and the details have already escaped me. I *think* the problem was that the horse took wide turns, and it was eventually discovered that one leg was longer than the other. This was corrected with having horseshoes of different thicknesses, and viola!

SallyP said...

That poor poor zebra.

MarvelX42 said...

Thanks brah.