Monday, May 18, 2009

Failpants Monday!

From World's Finest Comics v1 #43:

Speedy's effectiveness as a boy sidekick was often hindered by his raging Attention-Deficit Disorder...


Oliver Queen wasn't always a bleeding-heart liberal:

Such simple savages! And they don't seem to mind at all that I'm talking about them as if they weren't even here!


Worst form of communication ever:

Someone tell me how you are going to make this work. All of the letters have to be in order, which severely limits your word choices. And why is the comb playing music? Did they have Mp3 players back in the 1950's? Fail.

See you tomorrow!


Adam DW said...

The Blue Lancer's shield is primed to block that arrow, while the Green Arrow is defenseless! His only hope appears to be to shame the Blue Lancer into submission by quickly pointing out that he isn't even blue.

SallyP said...

Poor Speedy. He really did have a hellish existance, didn't he?

Elrossiter said...

fail. ha ha ha, simple, effective, hillarious! loved the night nurse week! specially the 'mr douschebag bit' - just caught up on it all!