Friday, November 14, 2008

Food Fight Friday!

From All-Star Comics #34:

Now, I am the first to say that I am no great musician. When I was a kid, I wanted to play drums in marching band, but my stupid parents made me play my sister's hand-me-down clarinet instead (because a penchant for playing drums naturally translates into a knack for woodwind instruments). Their rationale was that I would either (a) take to playing the clarinet, in which case I would continue to play the clarinet or (b) I would quit. The important thing was, Adam would never annoy his parents by playing the drums. Which sucks, because had I played an instrument I enjoyed, band is a decent social network in your high school and college days.

But oh, how my life would have changed if I'd had my mitts on a Gahoon. Sure, I would have shredded the reed and made sounds like wildcats mating every time I tried to play a note (as was my experience with the clarinet), but I'm pretty sure I would have been the best Gahoon player in the band. Of course, I would have been the only Gahoon player in the band, but how cool would that have been? I mean, who knew what a Gahoon was actually supposed to sound like? I coulda been the freakin' Buddy Rich of Gahoons, I coulda!

I tried to research the Gahoon on the Google, but came up surprisingly empty. Anyone know where I can get my mitts on a Gahoon?

Gahoon. Gahoon, Gahoon, Gahoon.

Playas know:

The bitches get all up in your junk for a Baby Ruth. Play on!

From Daredevil v1 #237:

She moves like she wears perfume? What the heck does that mean? And she smells like she does her own taxes, keeping good records and attaching all appropriate documentation! I mean, what's the correlation here?

I know this isn't from the Frank Miller era, but am I asking too much here?

Some days, you just need to see Batman and Robin in a food fight:

Yeah! Thanks World's Finest v1 #5!

See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

Gahoon? That sounds more like some kind of ethnic slur than a musical instrument.

"Not a humming toy." Oh, no doubt, the gahoon is LIGHT YEARS more advanced than the kazoo...

De said...

Chicks that go nuts over a Baby Ruth? I think I've seen that on the Internet somewhere, much to my horror.

Aaron Carine said...

Does he count as a player if they only date him for the candy?

Thomas Fummo said...

Daredevil has all kinds of crazy ways of finding out how the hell you move like you smell...

he's the GODDAM Daredevil.

Anonymous said...

You call yourself a blogger ? Garrison Keillor would have gotten 3,000,000,000 words out of the whole band reminiscence thing.

Go stand in the corner.

-- cleome45

Anonymous said...

Cop in panel 5: "I'm not so handy with a food-related pun
so I'll shoot this perp dead with my gun! Pretty good, huh Batman? Oh yeah, I forgot you don't like lethal force. Well, I'm a cop, so tough."

Seriously, I would think those guys would give up just so they don't have to hear any more "jokes". And who the hell fights with a wedge of cheese? Seriously.

Daniel [] said...

A different advertisement for the Gahoon claimed “Sounds like a saxophone” and “Gives two full octaves of rich, clear tone like an E-flat Saxophone.” This is liable to have been a bit of an exaggeration (though one can do an awful lot with little more than a tube attached to a proper mouthpiece), but you would have been expected to sound like Raphael Ravenscroft.

Anonymous said...

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