Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Better Reheated Thursday!

D'oh! I was all set to see Dark Knight this weekend, which is in second run at the dollar theater, but it looks like I'll be seeing the third Mummy movie instead. I've heard Mummy wasn't great, but it needs a big screen and Dark Knight will be there a lot longer, methinks. Alas. I must see Dark Knight! I must!

From All-Star Comics #37, the team is splintered yet again:

Um.... Johnny Thunder, are you listening to Wonder Woman? Take it from me, this could be your favorite mission yet if you play your cards right.

Here's a little something from Batman #127, courtesy of contributor sPat!:

This came about 3 years before Marvel's version, and I don't care how goofy Thor's long blond hair looks to you, it looks ten times better than DC's version. Nice skirt, big guy! Matches the girdle! So slimming and whatnot!

You know, there were a lot of recycled names in comics. Tarantula, Angel, Daredevil and Scarecrow leap to mind as four names that were used by different comic companies without lawsuits flying. Both Marvel and DC still have a Scarecrow character in use, but no one seems to mind.

Many non-comic geeks don't know that even Radioactive Man, Bart's favorite super-hero in The Simpsons was recycled:

Yup. Marvel Comics has had a character since the 60's called the Radioactive Man. He's Chinese, glows green and wears a skirt:

But he's a total bad-ass, taking on Thor and the She-Hulk with more success than most (If you're really tough, you can wear a skirt and no one will say anything). And, although he's never been an A-lister, he was used as a regular member of the Thunderbolts only a few years back.

Does this mean a re-vamp of Kite Man could happen some day? Oh, we can only hope!

Hey! Hey! It's time for the Costume Hall of Shame!:

Duplicate Boy was a visitor in the Legion of Super-Heroes that, although quite powerful, had no fashion sense. His gimmick was that he could duplicate (duh!) the abilities of anyone he came in contact with. As you can imagine, this made him a difficult character to write (as most omnipotent characters are) and he only showed up here and there. They never bothered, to the best of my knowledge, to change his original costume, which looks more appropriate at a renaissance fair.

See you tomorrow!


Christian Zamora said...

Duplicate Boy's costume is definitely atrocious, with such interesting powers such as he has, he could even rival those of Rogue, or the current Vixen. But looking like that--

No wonder he didn't make it anywhere.

Jake said...

Radioactive Man is still a member of the Thunderbolts, with his costume now consisting of a fullbody hazmat suit (despite his protests he doesn't need it).

I believe Duplicate Boy was portrayed as a self-centred idiot, so he probably didn't know how to use his powers properly.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen the Dark Knight yet and you call yourself a comic book fan?!?!?

Chance said...

Turn in your comic fan card, immediately, sir!

De said...

Dark Knight would have been better if there were swarms of bees in it.

Sorry for the spoiler, Adam.

SallyP said...

Poor Wonder Woman. They never let her have any fun. And now she's stuck with Johnny Thunder. Never mind that she could wipe the floor with ALL of them.

Thomas Fummo said...

ditto what De said.

and a small part of me actually likes Duplicate Boy's costume.
It's still better than the Grim Reaper's original.

Scott said...

Hi all,

Since someone needs to say it, and I don't have enough to say on it to warrant a blog post, I'm going to say here that Dark Knight is NOT a good superhero movie. It's a good serial killer drama, but it's not about super-heroism.

Back to lurking...

Christian Zamora said...

Can I watch the dismembering of Scott? XD

Belvoir said...

Batman's hand is in a funny place in front of Thor's man-skirt. Just sayin'.

And I guess you can't copyright the word, "Scarecrow", is why they both have characters by the name.

Anonymous said...

Chris, that's nothing. You should have seen the uproar on my almost favorite now-deceased board when one of my buddies griped that Joker was being portrayed by an "underwear model."

Good times. :p

-- cleome45

Christian Zamora said...

Ohhhh, those senseless arguments are always the best, Cleome! And they do get quite intense, I guess that's why I love them so much. You should see me complaining on how much I hated the Iron Man movie that I couldn't even get past minute 45. LOL. People hated me!

Anonymous said...

That's 45 minutes longer than I've managed, thus far. Hold your head high, Sir. Hold it high.

-- cleome45

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