Thursday, January 15, 2015

Drugs, Starvation Diets, Massage, Exercises and Laxatives

So, I'm checking out Boy Meets Girl Comics #5, and I learn that a hotel stenographer apparently used to be a thing.  Your finer hotels apparently had a secretarial pool for travelling business types and they could call up a girl to write things for you.  I'm well old enough to remember when stenography was a course in high school, but this was new to me.

Anyway, this is Alice.  She's a hotel stenographer:

For those of you scoring at home, Charlie did ask her for a date, albeit in the most unmanly way imaginable.  And, also for the record, Alice totally refused.  Don't feel bad, Charlie!  It's hard to land a chick with hair shorter than your own who wears a bow-tie.

And, as you might imagine, Alice gets propositioned a lot by travelling men:

Wow, Mr. Rivers.  You gave her a whole dollar when you asked her out and she still declined?  WHAT DO WOMEN WANT FROM US?

I swear to you, I didn't doctor this panel:

Wow.  That is either the greatest or most horrible sister ever.

Of course, it's some weight loss thing:

Wait a minute... I kind of groove on some of those things it's telling me aren't going to happen.  I'll let you guess which three. 

Oh, Alice!  You vixen!

See you tomorrow!


Peter Gray said...

That made me laugh1!!

Adam Barnett said...

Awesome, Peter! Thanks! It's all about spreading some laughter!

Unknown said...

Not only did Alice turn Charlie down, she accused him of being into bestiality! That's a pretty severe burn!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I'm well old enough to remember when stenography was a course in high school, but this was new to me. massage crawley

Unknown said...

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