Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Very Cleanly Blog Post Thursday!

Hey!  It's time for some super fun with Action Comics #27!

See?  This is messed up right there.  If you have to persuade someone to go out with you, the relationship is a goner right there because she'll always have that to hang over your head.

Seriously, Clark... we've all been there, but move on.

Why yes, Mrs. Tweed.  It is indeed a very cleanly room.  One of the cleanlyest ones I've seen in some time.  

Okay, I really try not to be the grammar police, but that one was pretty obvious.

On the flip side, I loathe it when people don't use -ly at the end of adverbs, and that seems to be the new thing.  America, I must insist that you stop it at once.  And while you're at it, look up the word "literally" and start using it correctly.

To be fair to Mrs. Tweed, kids like crappy food.  She could have been using Julia Child's recipes, and they would still be going nuts at the corner diner.  That's just the way kids are.

As many of you know, I run an unofficial home for wayward stray dogs, so I'm often pressed for naming 'em.  Here's a name I haven't used yet, but am totally going to:

I've actually written about Black Satan, you may recall.  And it may interest you to know that the comic book villain came out roughly two years (in Startling Comics #16) after this issue of Action was printed.  Will we ever know if the villain's name came from the creator seeing this dog?

You'd think, "Well, that must have been the case," but we saw a similar occurrence right here.  So, I guess we'll never know for sure.

Here's something we won't hear Lois say too much in subsequent issues:

Personally, I would make Lois write out that statement and sign it before I saved her butt.

But here's why Clark is always giving her a break:

See?  Clark's a raging co-dependent!  It explains so much!

It doesn't make me like the character any better, but it explains so much!


MarvelX42 said...

Even if teens are stuffed they would probably eat more. 'Side the price was right ie FREE!

Black Satan? Looks more like BROWN Satan to me. Maybe it was just the lighting?

This is off topic, but I have to tell ya alot of these comic panels that you put up, make for awesome desktop backgrounds.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

If Lois Lane weren't Superman's girlfriend, how many times over do you think she would have been killed by now?

Adam Barnett said...

Justin- Take the current number of issues of Action Comics, Superman, Superman: TMOS, and Adventures of Superman, and multiply it by 1.28 - - - I'll be we're right within a couple of near-death experiences!

Unknown said...

'Cleanly' is actually totally a word! It's not used much in America these days, although back in the day it wasn't terribly uncommon. It's pronounced 'klen-ly' and is used to denote that a person or place is generally clean and well-kept, like 'Gerald's very cleanly', would imply that Gerald has good hygiene and healthy living habits (doesn't smoke/drink etc.).