Friday, January 21, 2011

The Greatest Cross-Over in the History of Comics Friday!

So, what do you think the best cross-over was?  Superman vs. Spider-Man? Batman vs. the Hulk? The New Teen Titans vs. The X-Men?  Personally, the one I had enjoyed the most was the surprisingly entertaining Green Lantern/Silver Surfer, which was low on cosmic nonsense and high on humor.

But that apparently wasn't the most awesome cross-over ever.  Oh, no.  Robert Gillis has found the new king of cross-overs.  Robert Gillis certainly helps me fill in those gaps in my Lois Lane collection, which seems to be a gold mine of questionable moments.  Here's Pat Boone from Lois Lane #9!:

I'm sure they're puffing it up as a courtesy (read: "contractual obligation") to Pat Boone, but apparently Boone was quite the big deal back in the day.  Still, it's hilarious to see.

And he makes Lois Lane swoon.  SWOOOOOOONN!

Heh.  Lois groans on pitch.

And here we see Superman's greatest crime against humanity:

Yes, we were almost spared a Pat Boone record.  Blast it, Superman!  Quit interfering with the natural order of things!

Thanks, Robert!

See you Monday!


Bud said...

Pat Boone is quite the Renaissance Man. There's nothing he can't do. He's like Patrick Swayse. Or Daniel Boone.

Wait a minute...

Mythell said...

Is it just me or is that little boy who finds the letter wearing a skirt?

David said...

He is indeed wearing a skirt, which accounts for the trauma-induced stutter.

A story this odd would almost *have* to be drawn by John Forte, wouldn't it? Strange, after all these years I still haven't figured out what his forte was. Not art, that's for sure.